Seattle homeowners- if you’re finding unexplained mounds of dirt ruining your yard, you may be dealing with moles.  Moles are very abundant in the Pacific Northwest but are notoriously difficult to control.  They live almost entirely underground, making them hard to track, catch, and exterminate.  Lucky for you, we’re mole experts.  No other pest control company knows moles like we do, because it’s all we do.  Our team is uniquely specialized to deal exclusively with mole problems, so you can be sure you’ve got the best guys on the job.  These elusive underground pests are no match for our honed skills and expert trapping techniques; if you want these mound-digging critters off your property for good, we can help.  Contact us at Got Moles today and get your mole problem solved!

Our technicians can help you assess your mole infestation, and offer you an extermination program that fits your needs.

mole exterminators seattle

Mole Exterminator Seattle

Here at Got Moles?, we help homeowners across King County and Washington state eliminate moles on their properties.  Our mole-focused business model means you’re dealing with experts on mole behavior and trapping.  Our methods have been developed over many years, and are tailored exclusively to moles.  We don’t use any poisons or chemicals, so our program is perfectly safe even if you have outdoor pets.  Our trap-based solutions involve canvassing tunnels and predicting mole behaviors to make the process quick and efficient.  Once the moles are caught, our team takes responsibility for exterminating them to ensure they’re gone for good.

We began our service many years ago due to the lack of quality mole control available for ourselves and our neighbors; what started as a “we’ll handle it ourselves” scenario ultimately led us to take what we’ve learned and use it to help people across the region get rid of moles too.



If you’re dealing with a mole problem in the Puget Sound region, we hope you’ll call us.  Our technicians would be happy to discuss your mole control needs; no matter the size or uniqueness of your outdoor space, our team is ready to handle it.  We guarantee you a mole-free yard again by the end of our service, and we’ll even help you with preventative measures to ensure no new moles move on to your property once we’re gone.  We’re the best mole exterminators in the business.  Don’t settle for generic Washington pest control; contact the Seattle mole control experts!

Got moles?  Give us a call!

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