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Moles do not hibernate.  They could sleep for long hours, but they are awake and running around all year long.  Depending on the elevation that you live on, the ground could be frozen for a few months a year.  After the usual fake spring in early March, followed by the last snow of the winter and spring actually starts to thaw everything around us, you very well could go out and look at your lawn one day and see weird patterns of dead grass.  What can happen is that while the moles are out hunting for their grubs and worms, they dig their tunnels as normal.  If the ground is frozen at all it will hold the shape of the tunnel that the mole made.  As it gets warmer and warmer, the stability of the mole’s tunnels begins to weaken and now you know that you have got moles. 

Moles typically live a very solitary life aside from one breed of them here in North America.  So when we were called by Kerri, you won’t believe what we got!  “Spencer was outstanding! He caught 7 moles for us and was very responsible. We’ll use his services again, if needed. We highly recommend Got Moles!”

Mole Deterrent Seattle

Lawns are shades of deep green and trees a vibrant bright green.  While driving around, it can be hard to spot but moles are just as keen on the peaceful parks and beaches that surround and fill Seattle.  Wonderful, lush lawns are a landing pad, signaling that the ground is nice and healthy.  The surefire way to realize that moles have started to enjoy your yard as much as you are when small mounds of dirt start to pop up in random places.  Once you do, it is time to bring in the professionals to repel these moles. 

S.O. had an issue with Moles making it into their yard.  Here is what they had to say about our service, “Moles have been tearing up our lawn and garden. I laid down mole granules and managed to keep steer them off the lawn, but I couldn’t keep them out of the garden. I paid for one month of Got Moles? service. Spencer sent weekly text/email reminders which was nice, meanwhile, Clint made weekly visits. It took about five to six weeks. On week six Spencer came out and had discovered we caught the two moles in two different areas. I was ecstatic! He suggested we remove the traps because he felt the job was done.”

mole repellant seattle

Ground Moles Seattle

Friends and family may also suggest natural DIY solutions like using thistles, human hair or even broken glass to block tunnels. However, these solutions are even less effective than the poisons, as moles will happily just dig new tunnels if an existing one becomes unviable. What does this mean for you? We believe it’s best to call Got Moles? or another qualified mole exterminator in your area who has a proven, safe method for getting rid of moles. We’re your locally, veteran-owned neighborhood mole control service. Based right here in King County and originating our business in Enumclaw, Got Moles? is here to be your trusted mole control and exterminator company. We have chosen to only offer mole extermination services because we wanted to ensure that we can completely guarantee our mole extermination methods, and we arrived at that point many years ago. Unlike other exterminators that work on all kinds of pests and may not be as familiar with the nuances of moles, we pride ourselves on being extremely knowledgeable and being able to get rid of your mole problem every time. Our process uses no toxic chemicals and is guaranteed to work, so there’s no need to fear that your children or beloved family dog might ingest something toxic. If you have a pest problem that isn’t moles, we will refer you to other excellent exterminators who are equipped to handle your issue. 

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