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Our business is set up to take care of removing any unwanted moles from your home or work; we do not work with any other animals or insects.  We have all the right tools, we have the right strategies and we know the mole.  Our office and the homes of the staff are not too far south from the beautiful plateaus of Issaquah down in Enumclaw.  If you talk to other home or business owners in King County they will tell you that there is no one better at removing your mole problem than us.  Once we eliminate the moles then we build a custom plan to help keep your property safe. 

Mole Deterrent Issaquah

Trapping the mighty North American Mole can be rather tricky.  The little fuzzy guys that dig around in the dirt all day are a bit smarter than they are usually given credit for.  Moles are typically solitary creatures (aside from one of the seven breeds that are known in North America that has a pack mentality) but they are not above helping to build the same mole super-highway under your home and yard.  Moles will vary the depth of their tunnels depending on their needs; they often will tunnel several inches below the ground level when they are on the hunt for worms (their favorite food) and other insects or grubs.  For long-distance travel, they typically build their own highway about a foot underground.  They also dig down deep, three to four feet deep to build their burrows that act as a place to sleep, a place to store some worms for a snack later and birth their babies.  

Mole Repellant Issaquah

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We can successfully trap, capture, and exterminate moles here in Washington State without the use of dangerous pesticides because we are completely confident in our abilities to do so.  That means if you start noticing mounds in your yard, we’re your local mole removal company and we’d love to be your first call for mole problems. We’d be pleased to send one of our professionals to your home to explain how we’ll remove your moles and to let you know how much time we’ll need.

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