Mole Repellant Kent

To repel moles from your yard, it can be important to understand what draws them to your yard as well.  There are a variety of things that moles look for in a perfect yard.  If you have trees around your yard, the shade will make it nice and cool for the moles to dig around in.  A nice healthy grass will usually ensure that there is lots of food to eat in the form of worms, insects and grub.  They also love digging through ground known as loam.  Loam soil is commonly made of a mixture of silt, sand and clay; which is very popular with gardeners, farmers and just about every property owner.  On top of that, loam soil is very, very common in Kent, on both hills and the valley.  

After a visit to Rick’s home, he had this to say about us, “I’ve used Got Moles three times now as I live on an acre.  Got Moles arrived timely, checked traps on time, and removed the captured moles each time.   Highly recommend.”


Mole Deterrent Kent

With such a wonderful set of conditions for moles, the next question is how do you stop them?  It starts with a plan to catch any existing moles who may have either tunneled into your yard or is using an old tunnel from a mole in the past.  Before we start the process of catching any moles, we build a custom plan for your home.  We do our best to help educate homeowners on the process that we will be undertaking as it is often happening in and around your home.  


Ground Moles Kent

Ground Moles are very odd little creatures.  Aside from one breed of them in North America, moles live solitary lives.  They have been known to coexist in larger tunnel systems, but they tend to be more like ships passing in the night than cohabiting.  Females who have had a litter, of anywhere between two to eight pups will take care of them for three or four months.  At that point, the pups will head off on their own and begin to shovel out their own path.   

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