Mole Repellent Sumner

They say prevention is better than cure. But what would you do if the enemy is often unseen and lives deep underneath? Moles are a homeowner’s nightmare and as much as we try to avoid them, there are just times when they would come into our yards unannounced and uninvited.

If you’re a homeowner in Sumner, you’ll know moles are a common occurrence in the area. They feed on worms, insects, and vegetation which is both a blessing and a threat for any homeowner. Although they do help with getting rid of any unwanted pests in the area, their presence can also cause a disturbance.

Got Moles is a well-rated service in Pierce County specializing in mole catching and elimination. Our team is proud to say that we’ve mastered the art of catching and removing moles from homes all across the state. We’ve got numerous five-star ratings from homeowners all across town that can back up these claims.

Mole Deterrent Sumner

It is common knowledge that moles live underground. When you find mounds of dirt piled up on your property, it is most likely that moles are present in your yard. You’ll rarely see them as they are living deep within their complex tunnel systems and prey on the insects and other creatures that get trapped within the tunnels. However, every once in a while, moles go out at night to get food, if they need to.


With that being said, moles can be harder to catch than other invasive animals that appear in broad daylight. This can also make setting up a trap for them harder. Not to mention, the Washington state prohibits the use of the traditional mole trap due to its design.


This is where experts come in. With their knowledge in Washington state regulations when it comes to catching moles, your expert mole removal team will be able to take a lot of weight off of your shoulder.

Ground Moles Sumner

Every homeowner’s crowning glory is their warm and peaceful home. But when there’s a pest infestation outside, it can be very hard to rest and relax. To get rid of your unwanted guest, reaching out to a proper mole exterminating company is the key.


Come and reach out to Got Moles in Sumner today. From setting up traps to removing them completely from your yard, we’ll be there every step of the way. Call your expert mole remover in Sumner today.

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