Mole Repellant Enumclaw

Once moles have visited your yard, there is a ‘doorway’ for one to get back in.  Simply eliminating a mole does not mean that your yard will stay mole free.  Rather than undertaking some back breaking work and digging a trench around your home, reach out to the professional team who make sure that if you do have moles can keep your yard safe. 

If you think you have got moles, reach out to a locally owned and operated exterminator whose sole focus is moles.  With our company, our service starts with the first call.  We have highly trained customer service representatives that will go over a list of questions and gather as much information as possible.  If the information we get on that call sounds like you have a mole problem the next step is scheduling a time for one of our expert technicians to come to your home.  Like the previous step, it starts with a tour of your property to ensure that we understand the full grasp of what the moles have done to your yard.  Once we have surveyed the property our technician will go over our proposal to make sure your yard can be mole free.

After Visiting Megan’s home, she said this about us, “I had moles that we couldn’t trap ourselves. They were wrecking havoc on our yard! But with a few strategically placed traps and a little time, they were able to get two. I would definitely hire them again!”

Mole Deterrent Enumclaw

Deterring moles from coming into a yard can be tricky work.  If you look around online, you will find a long and crazy lists of things to try to prevent them from coming into your yard.  The top of the list is usually some kind of high-pressure mechanical trap, dangerous toxic chemicals that are harmful to your yard and poisons that could make your family, pets, and local wildlife very sick.  


Ground Moles Enumclaw

For some property owners in Enumclaw, they take a lot of time and effort to get a beautiful green lawn.  That plush patch of verdant heaven to walk on a warm summer day is a Five-Star hotel for moles.  A nice dense layer of healthy grass gives moles a cool place to dig around that is rich with their favorite food, worms.  If you have put time, energy, and TLC into cultivating a beautiful lawn, don’t let some moles ruin it.  Give Got Moles a call and we can keep that yard looking great.  

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