Mole Repellant Renton

Repelling moles from your home can be vital for many reasons.  Here are three building blocks as to why having moles in your yard is a problem: 

  • Lawn Damage: Moles are notorious for tunneling through lawns and gardens in search of insects to eat. While they’re doing this, they can uproot plants, leave unsightly ridges and mounds in the grass, and damage the roots of plants. A homeowner who wants to keep their lawn or garden looking nice may call an exterminator to help get rid of moles.
  • Health Concerns: In rare cases, moles can carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. While this is not a common problem, a homeowner who is concerned about the health risks associated with moles may choose to call an exterminator to help remove them from their property.
  • Nuisance: Some homeowners simply find moles to be a nuisance and want to get rid of them to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their lawn or garden. Additionally, the noise and vibrations caused by mole activity can be disruptive and bothersome. In such cases, a homeowner may choose to call an exterminator to help get rid of the moles and restore peace and quiet to their property.
Mole repellent renton

Repelling moles is typically a later step in protecting your property.  There are many steps that a homeowner can take to prevent moles from getting into their yard but often time, but the methods can involve cruel traps, toxic chemicals, or poisons.  Making sure that moles do not come back into your yard is what we do.  We are an exterminator company that focuses only on moles because we wanted to be the expert.

After a visit to Judith’s home, he had this to say about us, “Spenser is really good at what he does! He runs his business very professionally and his expertise in this field shows in his success rate in trapping moles. I highly recommend him to anyone having issues with moles in their yard.”

Mole Deterrent Renton

Repelling Moles from your yard or property is not as simple as just getting rid of the mole or moles in the yard.  The now vacant tunnels can be inhabited by another mole.  Typically, moles live in solitude; males will find a mate usually in the spring and for females, if they do have any baby moles, they will only stick around for three to four months.  Even with their preference of isolation, it is not unheard of for two or three moles to share some parts of their tunnel system. 

However, once a mole has been removed from their tunnel system, that can now be prime real estate for a new mole.  That Five Star tunnel system includes sleep areas, a pantry for them to store all their worms for later, and a nursery for their babies. 

Isa said, “Got Moles did an awesome job catching my moles, but unfortunately the moles kept coming from the wooded area behind my house. I worked with Spencer to make a tailored annual plan that was cost-effective and kept the moles away year-round. It’s been an awesome service and I highly recommend it to anyone with a continuing mole problem.”

Ground Moles Renton

Ground moles are a nuisance.  If the moles had their way, they would just keep wandering around, digging more expansive tunnels, and eating worms.  However, in their wake they can cause damage, let other critters into your yard that could cause damage and possibly accidentally end up in your crawlspace.  Yes, we have found moles inside of a crawlspace.  If you have a mole or think you might have a mole, give our office a call and speak to one of our highly trained customer service representatives to help you get set up with an appointment. 

Mole Repellant Renton

We got a call from Luna about her yard and she had this to say about us: “Very friendly guy from my experience, also very intuitive. Will be using this company in the future for all my pest needs. Highly recommended.”

If you think you could have moles you can check out our pricing page to go over the cost of the services that we provide or you can give us a call and one of our highly trained customer service representatives can help answer the questions you have. 

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