Mole Repellant Bellevue

Lawns are shades of deep green and trees a vibrant bright green.  While driving around, it can be hard to spot but moles are just as keen on the peaceful parks and beaches that surround and fill Bellevue.  Wonderful, lush lawns are a landing pad, signaling that the ground is nice and healthy.  The surefire way to realize that moles have started to enjoy your yard as much as you are, is when small mounds of dirt start to pop up in random places.  Once you do, it is time to bring in the professionals to repel these moles. 

S.O. had an issue with Moles making it into their yard.  Here is what they had to say about our service, “Moles have been tearing up our lawn and garden. I laid down mole granules and managed to keep steer them off the lawn, but I couldn’t keep them out of the garden. I paid for one month of Got Moles? service. Spencer sent weekly text/email reminders which was nice, meanwhile, Clint made weekly visits. It took about five to six weeks. On week six Spencer came out and had discovered we caught the two moles in two different areas. I was ecstatic! He suggested we remove the traps because he felt the job was done.”

Mole Deterrent Bellevue

Repelling Moles from your yard or property is not as simple as just getting rid of the mole or moles in the yard.  The now vacant tunnels can be inhabited by another mole.  Typically, moles live in solitude; males will find a mate usually in the spring and for females, if they do have any baby moles, they will only stick around for three to four months.  Even with their preference of isolation, it is not unheard of for two or three moles to share some parts of their tunnel system. 

However, once a mole has been removed from their tunnel system, that can now be prime real estate for a new mole.  That Five Star tunnel system includes sleep areas, a pantry for them to store all their worms for later, and a nursery for their babies. 


Ground Moles Bellevue

Some property owners in Bellevue, take a lot of time and effort to get a beautiful green lawn.  That plush patch of verdant heaven to walk on a warm summer day is a Five-Star hotel for moles.  A nice dense layer of healthy grass gives moles a cool place to dig around that is rich with their favorite food, worms.  If you have put time, energy, and TLC into cultivating a beautiful lawn, don’t let some moles ruin it.  Give Got Moles a call and we can keep that yard looking great.  

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