Mole Trapping RENTON

We specialize only in moles unlike other pest control companies.  We are extremely knowledgeable about mole behavior and how to trap them efficiently and successfully. We use only natural methods and substances so that you don’t need to worry about your pets being put at risk because of toxic chemicals.  We can capture your moles and get rid of them for good without excessive cruelty.

Mole Exterminator Renton


We firmly believe in only using humane methods for mole capturing. No toxic chemicals, only natural ones will be used while we clear out the moles.  We do kill moles, but we do so in the most humane way possible while keeping your home’s pets, residents, or garden plants. We are completely confident in our methods and ability to capture the moles you are needing to get rid of, and believe that this is the best way we can operate our exterminator business. Our home owning and business owning customers in King County will tell you that there is no better choice for mole control in Renton. Whether your commercial property, rental house or your home needs mole extermination services, we have the right equipment and strategies to take care of your moles rapidly and safely. We can even help set up prevention methods to make it less likely that moles will choose to enter your lawn again. While it’s difficult to make it impossible for moles to burrow in your lawn if it’s a large property, we can help add deterrents that will make it less likely you find molehills again next year.

Mole Exterminator RENTON

If you have moles that have started to use your yard like THEIR backyard, you need to call Got Moles to come out and catch them!  Located in King County, we are happy to protect any and all of your property in Renton whether it is a business, house or rental property. 

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