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Homeowners and business owners in Kent can breathe a sigh of relief: Got Moles? is here to take care of mole problems anywhere in King County with efficiency and skill. We are the best choice for getting rid of moles on your property with guaranteed success, and saving yourself a great deal of time and worry. Here in the Puget Sound area and the Pacific Northwest in general, lawns grow very well due to the abundance of rainwater and generally mild conditions. This means that unlike some other areas of the country, most homes and businesses will have a lawn area. It’s also very common in some parts of the Pacific Northwest for homeowners to have gardens due to the easy growing condition, and agriculture is a massive industry for larger farms as well. Unfortunately these great conditions for growing turf mean that moles absolutely love the green, moist lawns that many homes have and will happily make their home in yours. If you do an Amazon or Google search for mole remedies, you’ll find all kinds of bait, poison and traps but most of these are not only ineffective, but dangerous to your family and pets as well. Many of the common poisons that will be suggested for mole extermination have been found to be of little use against moles, while also being highly toxic to children as this document on notes. This means that using these kinds of poisons is a lose-lose scenario, as they will be unlikely to have any real effect on the moles and are much more likely to hurt family members or pets. 

mole trapping kent

Mole Exterminator Kent

Friends and family may also suggest natural DIY solutions like using thistles, human hair or even broken glass to block tunnels. However these solutions are even less effective than the poisons, as moles will happily just dig new tunnels if an existing one becomes unviable. What does this mean for you? We believe it’s best to call Got Moles? or another qualified mole exterminator in your area who has a proven, safe method for getting rid of moles. We’re your locally, veteran owned neighborhood mole control service. Based right here in King County and originating our business in Enumclaw, Got Moles? is here to be your trusted mole control and exterminator company. We have chosen to only offer mole extermination services because we wanted to ensure that we can completely guarantee our mole extermination methods, and we have arrived at that point as of many years ago. Unlike other exterminators that work on all kinds of pests and may not be as familiar with the nuances of moles, we pride ourselves on being extremely knowledgeable and being able to get rid of your mole problem every time. Our process uses no toxic chemicals and is guaranteed to work, so there’s no need to fear that your children or beloved family dog might ingest something toxic. If you have a pest problem that isn’t moles, we will refer you to other excellent exterminators who are equipped to handle your issue. 

Mole Catcher Kent

We also offer prevention and barrier installation services that can help prevent moles from returning to your garden or field next year. While it’s difficult to entirely prevent moles from coming back in future years, especially if you have a very large property with a lot of grass, we can protect your most valued lawn and garden areas with deterrents and barriers that will encourage moles to find somewhere else. 

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