Mole TRAPPING Sammamish

If you’re finding molehills in your garden, lawn or field here in Bellevue, you need to call us at Got Moles. We specialize in and only do mole extermination, control and removal services here in King County and we have a team of the best technicians and exterminators.  We are fully licensed for mole control.  Yes you read that correctly, we only focus on moles because we are fully confident in our process here in beautiful western Washington.  We cover all of the Puget Sound area and are locally owned and operated and would love to be your hometown mole solution.  Once our technician arrives, they will let you know what the timeframe will look like and what the plan is.  Being local, we do not use any poisons, toxins or unnecessary cruel means to help keep your home and/or business mole free.

Mole Trapping Sammamish

Mole Exterminator Sammamish

We do not use any poisons or toxic chemicals that could harm your pets, your family or the area you live.  We do kill moles but, we do put them down humanely to do as little impact to your family as we can.  Our homeowners and business owners in Bellevue will tell you that we will be the best choice you will make to take care of your moles.  We have all the right tools and tricks of the trade to remove any moles and to help prevent them from coming back. 

Mole Catcher Sammamish

If you found a small hill of dirt in your yard when you woke up today, it sounds like you need help.  At Got Moles? we are here to help, just call us today for Sammamish service or fill our online form out to begin!  We guarantee that we will get rid of your mole problem without poisons or any overly invasive practices.  No matter the size of your yard or property, we can help get rid of the moles and set up preventative measures to make it less likely to happen next season.

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