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Mole Control Sammamish - Experts in Mole Control and Removal Services in Sammamish

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Trust the experts at Got Moles to eliminate moles and restore your lawn to its natural beauty. With our top-quality mole control services, we’ll ensure that your garden remains free from these pesky pests. Don’t let moles ruin your outdoor space – contact us today for effective and long-lasting mole control solutions. 

Signs of Moles Infestation

Moles are elusive creatures that usually live underground, so detecting their presence can be challenging. Here are some signs that might indicate a mole infestation:

  • Molehills: Fresh dirt mounds (molehills) on your lawn or garden are a main indicator. These are formed when moles dig tunnels and push soil to the surface.
  • Surface tunnels: Raised ridges or surface tunnels that resemble elevated lines across your lawn or garden can indicate subsurface movement.
  • Damaged roots: Moles feed on grubs, earthworms, and insects, therefore damaged or overturned plant roots may indicate their presence.
  • Sightings: Although moles spend the majority of their time underground, you may occasionally see one above ground.
  • Wilted plants: Plants that suddenly begin wilting or dying for no apparent cause may have roots that have been harmed by mole activity.
  • Tunnel systems: Intricate networks of tunnels just beneath the surface of your yard or garden indicate mole activity.

If you suspect a mole infestation, call Got Moles for professional mole control services in Sammamish. Our team of experts will quickly assess the situation and provide you with an effective solution to protect your property from further damage.

Mole in Yard Sammamish - Reclaim Your Beautiful Lawn With Effective Mole Control and Mole Trapping

If you ever look into your yard and start to see a ‘lightning’ or ‘snowflake-like’ spot of dead grass slowly making its way across your yard; you’ve Got Moles. Moles are the small, nearly blind, shovel-handed little buggers who live underground for most of their lives. The breaks in the aforementioned dead grass patches are a complex web of tunnels that they go hunting in and those tunnels can run deep underground.  

Most hardware store mole traps can only stop a mole from accessing that tunnel. With their complex system of tunnels, a mole can quite easily just go around and under the trap. Once that ends up not working, it is common to move on to toxic chemicals or poisons. Toxic chemicals are dangerous to the yard they are put in and they are dangerous to children or pets. No one should put their loved ones at risk to drive off some moles. That is where we, the licensed and certified exterminators at Got-Moles come in. We have natural and chemical-free methods of hunting these pesky rodents from your property.  

Countless Positive Stories

Very professional and efficient. Spencer did a great job! I would definitely recommend him.” – Tom

“Got Moles was a lifesaver for my lawn! They quickly removed the moles without harming them and provided me with tips to prevent future infestations. I highly recommend their services.” – David

“I was skeptical about trapping moles instead of using chemicals, but Got Moles proved me wrong. They were able to remove the moles from my property without any harm, and now my lawn looks better than ever.” – Joanne

“Got Moles is the only company I trust for mole control in Sammamish. They are professional, reliable, and truly care about the well-being of their customers and the animals involved.” – Andrew

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Yard Mole Removal Sammamish - Protect Your Lawn Without Harm to Moles

Sammamish is well known for its beauty and is home to many well-kept yards and more than a few golf courses. Tucked up on a beautiful plateau in rolling hills of trees, moles find the ground just as amazing as us humans. The ground that makes for great golf courses also makes for great mole tunnels. Once the moles have made it across the parks and country clubs, they will become the moles in your yard. 

Keep your lawn and garden beautiful without allowing moles to spoil them. At Got Moles, we value wildlife preservation as we skillfully do mole removal from your property. Using humane techniques, our team ensures the safety of both the animals and your beloved plants. We will not only get rid of the moles you have but help to make sure they do not come back! Count on us to safeguard your lawn with care intact.

If you are ready to say goodbye to moles on your property, trust the experts at Got Moles. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively remove any mole infestation. Schedule a consultation with us today and let us help you achieve a mole-free lawn and garden. We will gladly go over what is happening in your yard, have our technicians out to build a plan and then put it into action. Our affordable and humane mole removal services are unmatched in the Sammamish area. Don’t wait – contact Got Moles now for all your mole control needs!

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