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Pest infestation is a big problem for most homeowners all across the globe. Here in Des Moines, WA, one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is the emergence of molehills in their lawns. With the quality of soil, Washington State has, it has become a favorite place for moles to inhabit, much to the dismay of many. And while they don’t pose a big threat unlike most pests you may find in your yard, having moles wreaking havoc on your property is still very unsettling.

If you ever find mounds of dirt scattered all across your lawn, you are most likely dealing with a mole infestation. Unlike voles and other yard pests, moles live underground and are rarely seen in broad daylight. This makes it harder for homeowners to catch the little critters themselves.

To make it easier to get rid of moles, it’s best to hire an expert team of mole removal specialists to handle the situation for you. Got Moles is your local mole control service dedicated to keeping your uninvited guests away from your yard as much as possible.

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There are usually three types of moles that inhabit the Pacific Northwest: the Townsend mole, the Pacific mole, and the Shrew mole. Among them, the Shrew mole is the one unique to the Pacific Northwest, with features slightly different from the other two kinds you’ll typically find in the area. Shrew moles are also more active above the ground than under.

Townsend moles are typically the ones you will find in grassy areas, including your lawns. They are also the biggest moles you can find in the region. Pacific moles look a lot like them but the latter tend to be smaller.

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You might be wondering what moles eat that makes them attracted to your yard. Moles are known to eat the little insects, earthworms, and centipedes in your yard soil, or what is commonly called insectivores. However, they are still of great concern to most homeowners, especially since they leave behind unsightly mounds of soil at the surface as they make their way underground.

To control their population and to get rid of them from your property, you can always contact Got Moles, a King County mole control service. We specialize in catching moles from your yard with our proven and tested five-week program. From setting up traps, and mapping out mole activities in the yard, to the humane disposal of moles once we catch them, trust that our team will handle everything for you.

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