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Are you tired of battling moles that turn your beautiful lawn into a series of unsightly, damaging mounds and tunnels? Our expert mole control specialists in Bonney Lake understand how to address the unique challenges given by moles in our community. We guarantee effective removal and prevention using our safe and compassionate methods, always emphasizing the well-being of your loved ones and the environment. We promise your satisfaction and peace of mind when it comes to mole control. 

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Mole in Yard Bonney Lake - Customized Solutions for Effective Mole Control

A lot of people think that moles are creatures that hibernate during winter.  However, that is very much not the case.  They remain just as active during the winter months as they do in the spring and summer but, due to ground conditions in Washington State, we do not see the mole activity until the spring after the big thaw.  Once the spring hits and ground temperatures cease to freeze, the tunnels begin to collapse and the damage has been done.  Our experienced technicians understand how moles make their tunnels, permanent burrows, and molehills.  When you give us a call, we arrive at your house and begin to figure out the who, what, where, and how, of the moles.  Once we have surveyed the land, we can build a custom plan to help eliminate any moles in your property and prevent them from coming back. 

This is one of the many reasons why moles have been giving homeowners nightmares for years.  Most of the time, a homeowner will not know that they have got moles until molehills start to pop up around their yard.  Once the molehills start to appear, give your local and professional mole controllers a call!  We will send out one of our mole experts to your home and build a plan to trap the critters that have gotten into your yard and keep them from coming back! 

Don’t settle for generic solutions when it comes to mole control. Our team understands the unique challenges and behaviors of moles in our community, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that deliver lasting results. With our expertise, you can trust that your mole control needs will be met with precision and effectiveness. 

Impact of Moles on Your Garden

Moles may appear to be harmless creatures, yet their presence in your garden can result in serious damage. Here are a few ways moles might harm your garden:

  • Mounds and Tunnels: As moles burrow through the soil in search of food, they form mounds and tunnels, resulting in an ugly, uneven grass that is unpleasant to walk on.
  • Plant Damage: As moles tunnel, they may uproot and destroy plants’ root systems, resulting in wilted or dead plants.
  • Soil Compaction: Moles’ frequent digging and tunneling can compact the soil, making it harder for roots to grow and obtain adequate water and nutrients.
  • Increased Pest Presence: Moles are known to attract other pests like grubs and insects, which can harm your plants and lawn.
Mole Control Bonney Lake

Mole in Yard Bonney Lake - Protect Your Loved Ones and the Environment

Your family’s safety, as well as the well-being of your pets and the environment, is our top priority. With our safe and humane methods, you can trust us to effectively remove moles without causing harm. Choose us for guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind with your mole control needs.

One of the most beautiful things about Bonney Lake is the rolling hills leading to open fields.  But, open fields are a great way to have moles sneak their way into your yard or property.  With their shovel-like front paws, they can cut their way across your yard rather quickly.  At first sight of a molehill, give Got Moles a call so we can come out and protect your yard.

If small mounds of freshly dug earth start to appear on your property, it is time to use the services of Got Moles. We are a locally owned company whose only goal is to help protect your yard from pesky moles.  We are a unique company in that we only work with moles, no other pets or insects. 

Expert Yard Mole Removal Services in Bonney Lake

Our team of mole control experts in Bonney Lake is dedicated to providing effective and lasting solutions for your mole problems. With our extensive knowledge of mole behaviors and safe removal techniques, we ensure the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment. Trust us for guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind with your mole control needs.


Branden posted this review for us, “I had been battling a mole for months on my own. Nothing I did was working. I had my own traps here and there but these guys avoided them all, having finally made a more permanent home up against the foundation of my house. It was time I called in a professional.  I set up an appt with Spencer at Got Moles and the customer service was top-notch. Sent appt request online and I got a call right away.”  Turns out that Branden had set a trap the night before we got there and he had finally caught his mole.  Spencer did a walk of the property and given everything that Spencer could see, there were no more moles.  Spencer spent some time going over what to look for and where else to watch.

Rick posted this about our services, “I’ve used Got Moles three times now as I live on an acre. Got Moles arrived timely, checked traps on time, and removed the captured moles each time.   Highly recommend.”

Give us a call and one of our highly trained customer service representatives can ask and answer any questions you could have about the process and what to expect.  After that call, if your yard is in fact in danger from the dreaded moles, we can send our expert technician out to do a walk of your property.  We also have a pricing guide that can give you a rough estimate of services by checking out our pricing page.

Luna had this to say about our service, “Very friendly guy from my experience, also very intuitive. Will be using this company in the future for all my pest needs. Highly recommended”

Ready to Reclaim Your Garden?

Don’t let moles undermine the beauty and health of your outdoor space. Homeowners can trust Got Moles for expert, effective solutions. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive property inspection and take the first step toward a mole-free garden.

Our office is just a stone’s throw away from the Pierce County border and Bonney Lake is practically in our backyard.  For immediate assistance or to learn more about our services, contact us at (253) 321-1024. Our innovative mole control service is guaranteed to get rid of your mole problems.

Our office is just a stone’s throw away from the Pierce County border and Bonney Lake is practically in our backyard.  If you think that you might have a problem, give us a call. No one can help take away your mole troubles like Got Moles? 

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