What Do Moles Eat?

What Do Moles Eat? In our eternal battle with Washington’s moles, we have come to learn a lot about them as creatures; one of the most valuable things to know when dealing with moles is their diet.  What do moles eat? Understanding what moles eat is crucial not only for effective mole control but also…

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How To Get Rid of Moles In Your Yard

Are pesky moles turning your beautifully landscaped yard into a minefield? You are not alone. These little animals may create damage with their tunnels and mounds, turning your once-perfect grass into a disaster zone. But don’t worry, because in this post, we’ll teach you how to get rid of moles in your yard permanently. …

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What Works for Mole Extermination?

Moles emerge as a serious enemy in the battle against lawn pests, creating destruction by digging and disturbing the beauty of your yard. Moles, in their never-ending search for nourishment, endanger the grass. While they do not consume plants directly, the collateral damage they do to root systems can result in plant damage or even death.…

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